Birthright accepts volunteers of any race, sex, or creed. All volunteers must believe firmly in the Birthright philosophy and have a sincere desire to help pregnant women-- without expecting any reward or remuneration in return. If you feel you could be a Birthright volunteer, please call 1-800-550-4900 or e-mail us at to find the chapter nearest you. Birthright chapters generally use a flexible training program, usually 6-8 weeks long, in which new volunteers read and learn about Birthright and its Charter, then "partner" with an experienced volunteer to develop their practical skills.

Volunteers grow into their roles at their own pace, and all volunteers continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the months and years ahead. Birthright volunteers strive to develop their skills constantly. This means reviewing training materials regularly, reading new material that comes into the office, and attending volunteer meetings/training sessions. Providing emotional support and practical assistance to women is always the first priority of Birthright volunteers.

After completing a training program, volunteers are assigned a regular shift at the Birthright office-- usually 3-4 hours a week-- that suits the volunteers' schedule and to which they can commit for a period of time. Volunteers handle a variety of phone calls, especially those from girls and women who are distressed about being pregnant. They also welcome and assist women who come in for free pregnancy testing, or who wish to talk about a variety of pregnancy-related concerns. Some volunteers help in other ways, such as sorting and distributing maternity and baby clothes, cleaning the office, or performing clerical work. Experienced volunteers often make presentations to school and community groups about Birthright and its services.

How can you help Birthright of Hannibal?

» Volunteer Workers. (1 or 2 hours a week)
» Board Member Minor Repair to Birthright house.
» Provide Supplies for infants. (new and used)
» Provide Financial Support. (tax deductible)